Umbria Development Group is a trusted land development company founded in 2002 with substantial land holdings in Brampton, Castlemore and Mississauga, Ontario. The firm is poised to launch several exciting new residential communities in 2019/20. Customer service. Quality construction and expertise. Green building technology. These are the foundations of our success.



Founded in 1954 by Alfredo, Angelo, and Antonio De Gasperis, Condrain, a humble yet hard-working company flourished into a corporation that sets the benchmark for quality, expertise, safety and market penetration. The CONDRAIN GROUP now represents an impressive collection of companies and services that work in an array of different construction industries and platforms. We build from the underground up; that is to say that our focus is developing land from its most raw stages. We’ve always been about infrastructure, and delivering it in a form that’s efficient, timely and incredibly reliable, exceeding industry quality standards. The company and its divisions now deliver a 360-degree development process. We can do it all. From earthworks to sewers and watermains, to environmental, fabrication, road building and to the installation of fibre, electrical and gas lines, Condrain has become a vertically integrated infrastructure construction company.

Returning the greatest value to our customers is our first priority. That’s why Golden Falcon Homes uses only the highest quality materials with the most effective building techniques. Our end-goal is to ensure that our residential and commercial structures and communities are highly attractive and sustainable to offer the ultimate home-buying experience.

We have the products you need to manage your life – anywhere, anytime. Looking to manage your personal or business life, or both? Meridian has all the products and services you need – from chequing and saving accounts to registered savings plans and mortgages. Because we are owned by our Members, we only work for you. That means we can take our profits and return them to you in the form of better products and services, so you always get the best from us.